File Preparation 

Hello! So you’ve got a sweet design you need printed, huh? We always need to see the file (even in its draft state) to ensure that it is “letterpress friendly”. Here are a few tips to ensure that your design can be letterpressed!


All images must be vectorized and all fonts outlined with strokes at .25 or larger. Remove all transparencies and gradients. Please note that transparencies can not be printed in letterpress. (Instead, you need to pick a Pantone Uncoated color that represents the transparency color desired.)

Please submit your file as a PDF.


No fonts smaller than 6pt, as some letters may “fall off” in the platemaking process. Again, ensure that all fonts all outlined which will make sure that we are seeing the same exact font on our end that you are seeing on yours. This is also a great time to double check all spelling, grammar, spacing, etc… Once a final file is submitted and a plate is made, there is no turning back from the submitted design.


Color Mode: We require all files to be 100%K in a CMYK color profile. No RGB please.

Multiple Color Designs: For multiple color runs, we will need a color mock up PDF as well as each color separated in 100%K.

Pantone Selection: Letterpress inks are representative of the Pantone UNCOATED book. Please specify the Pantone colors in the design. With our base cans of ink we can mix all 1700 colors and also offer gold, silver, and neons.

Crops and bleeds:

If your design has a bleed, please make sure the design bleed is at least 1/8” pass the final size. For designs with close registration, we do require crop marks. Otherwise, we will work off the placement in the PDF for trimming.

Design Prep Fee:

Let us know if you need any help with the file prep! We are happy to answer your questions and if it involves any work on our end, we charge a $35/hour fee.


Thanks so much for following the guidelines, we can’t wait to see all your hard work.

It’s gonna look great!