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Letterpress is magic. At least we think so. But back to the point: Letterpress is a relief printing process. A raised surface (your design plate or type, which are left-reading) is inked and a sheet of paper is fed (with some force) over the surface, thus transferring ink to paper and creating a right-reading image. Western Editions prints on a Vandercook press, so this process is done one sheet of paper at a time, requiring a lot of skill and craftsmanship, and a good amount of patience as well. It is a dated technology that digital and offset printing wiped out in the 1960s.

The care we put into each print, card, and line of type is a hands-on analog process. The finished product is a piece of paper with a printed quality you can see. And feel. And that is what we love about it.


If you are interested in custom designed invitations, social stationery, or business cards, we would love to know all the tiny little details that make you, YOU. If you’re in the market for wedding invitations, chances are you’ve been off the market for a while. But like a first date, let’s get to know each other. (And yes, to answer your burning question, this witty repartee and constant pun-making will come free of charge with every letterpress order.)

Please share with us your ideas, inspiration, color palettes, and visual inspirations that you have collected along the way. For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, we will arrange an in-person meeting to discuss the details and get a better sense of what you are looking for and where our handiwork will come into play. (Did we mention it will be over a glass of wine, a PBR tall can, or a fancy cocktail?!?) After our mutually enjoyable first date—ahem, business meeting—we will put together a timeline and rough estimate.


Your custom design is as personalized as you, which means that our pricing is also on an individual basis. We factor in materials (paper stock, envelopes, polymer plate size, etc), press time (how long it will take us to actually print your number of paper items), and additional labor (e.g. hand-assembly and customized accents—like bows!). That said, we love making rad stuff for rad people, so if you are working within a specific budget, we will do our very best to design and source materials accordingly. We also offer printing of your pre-designed files. Please contact us with the design file and quantity needed and we will assess if it is “letterpress-friendly” and get back to you with a quote.


THE DESIGN: After we’ve decided to work together and the timeline is confirmed, we will develop a few designs based off of your ideas and wording that will be emailed to you as a PDF file. At this point, we invite you to review the design and share your feedback and any changes you'd like made. Once we have a finalized design, we will send a final proof for review. At this time, you will double check that everything is just the way you want it to be: the layout, typestyle, and especially all that pesky spelling, grammar, and punctuation!

THE PROOF: Once you approve that proof (by means of a super casual yet official contract) and we’ve determined paper stock and color options, it's off to the printer (that's us!), at which point no further changes can be made.

THE FINE PRINT: We just want to repeat that after you have approved the proof, there's no turning back! Figuratively speaking. Of course you can turn back if you want to, you just can't change the design. But by then we'll have shared so many fond memories that we're not too worried about deserters.

SIT PRETTY: Now all you have to do is sit back and let us take it from there. We cut, we trim, we ink, we print, we use a little magic and ta-da, your custom designed pieces are done! This is the happily ever after part. Thanks (in advance) for choosing us! We can't wait for an invitation to the party you hired us to print invites for. Just kidding. We already know when and where it is! Wink!